Limerick House Build

This was – without a doubt – the most rewarding and challenging project for the Direct Construction team.

As part of our passion for quality construction, Direct Construction specializes in building spec homes, with this being our first. Nick Cyr, owner of Direct Construction, purchased land with an existing concrete foundation, which was in need of serious repair. There had at one time been a house on the foundation, but it had burnt down in a fire and only one room was salvageable.

It was decided that we would rebuild the house from scratch.

We framed out the entire house, which involved cathedral ceilings throughout the master suite, kitchen, and living room. We then installed the siding, trim, roof, windows, and doors (both interior and exterior). We added custom trim in every room. We painted the interiors and exterior. And finally, we installed front and side porches with PVC deck boards.

In the end, we had transformed a troubled foundation into a complete home built with care and consideration. We thought through every material, color, and design choice, so as to ensure the end result would last years to come.

At the time of writing, this spec house is under contract for sale with a private buyer.

Services performed:

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