Alfred Porch

Direct Construction was asked to completely rebuild a porch off the back of the client’s house. The porch was in disrepair and in need of a total overhaul, and the client wanted the new porch to provide a fresh new look to the house.

First, we framed the new porch off the back of the house, so as to ensure the new structure – regardless of end design – would be stable, safe, and dependable. Then, with the basic foundation in place, we presented the client with a unique stair build designed by Nick. This design featured stairs that ran the whole length of the porch and partially wrapped around the entire structure. The client reviewed the designs, loved the idea, and we got to work.

The deck boards are PVC deck boards, and to add one final design touch to the project, we installed a sleek black railing (not shown in pictures) to the porch.

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