Concrete Slabs + Foundations

The best time to involve us in a project is when you’re planning where to put the foundation.

The best projects begin with solid foundations, because even a small problem can create huge headaches down the line.

That’s why Direct Construction specializes in excavating and creating concrete slabs and foundations for any project. We want to give you the best base from which to build your project.

The best time to involve Direct Construction in a project is when you are planning where to put the foundation. We will advise you on the best place for the foundation, so as to ensure optimum stability and structural integrity, then we will walk you through the excavation and installation process.

By taking the necessary steps to establish a solid foundation, you will be ensuring the project sustains prolonged stability for years to come. More than that, by using the insured members of the Direct Construction team, you will have peace of mind from having used the guidance of professional construction experts.

We make it easy and affordable to plant the foundation of your future.

Foundation for a horse barn

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